What Is Litha?

Litha, the summer solstice, is upon us. I happen to be a proud mother of a summer solstice baby. Litha is the longest day of the year and is the opposite of Yule (the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year).

Although it is the longest day of the year and we associate it with the strength and virility of the Green God, it is also an ever-present reminder that darkness is just around the corner. Starting the day after Litha, the nights begin to grow longer and the days grow shorter.

Sunflowers make a great decoration for your altar and your home.

Litha Recipes Link Round-up

Make your own elderberry champagne (yes, it’s alcoholic).

As usual, Raven and Crone website has an extensive and fantastic list of Litha recipes including herb bread, asparagus stuffed chicken, and drink choices.

Green Haven Tradition has some great homemade ice cream recipes as well as golden spaghetti sauce and a beautiful chicken dish.

Recipes for a Pagan Soul has Sabbat Honey Cake (and much more – that just happens to be a personal favorite). Another great thing about this site is their unit measurement link.

Children’s Activities for Litha Link Round-up

I know Pinterest exists and that’s a great place to find children’s activities for just about anything. Litha activities are no exception.

Witchery’s website has a great list of things you can do with your children. Examples include going berry picking and making charms. Some of the other ideas there you may want to use extreme caution with if you choose to do them with children.

Wicca.com has a great list of ideas such as making earth puppets and suncatchers.

Easy Litha Rituals Link Round-up

Raven and Crone has a list of several Litha rituals. Always remember that while you can use the rituals written by others, you can also change them up to reflect your individuality.

Witchery also explains a Litha ritual for solitaire practitioners.

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