The Season of Renewal

Today is what Christians consider Easter Sunday. Those of us pagans who observe Ostara (Eostara) did that back in March. Of course, Ostara and even Easter Sunday are often days where I see lots of shaming about Christians stealing pagan holidays. One day, I’ll write about the various pagan holidays and their….forced conversion to please the conquerors who believed that they adhered to Christianity. Today, it is better to look at the common ground…the ground that offers many people a sense of hope about themselves and about the future. Spring is the season of rebirth, growth, and renewal.


When I mention rebirth, I am not referencing some sort of personal spiritual revival (although it is a great time for that, too). I am referring to your entire life. It is a time for rebirth for you. Who are you? What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish today? This week? Next week? Next month? Next year? Before a birth can occur, there must be fertile ground. So, this is also a time where you do the things that must be done in order for you to become the person you want to be…in order to reach your goals.


April showers bring May flowers…or so they say. Right now, my yard looks like an overgrown mini-jungle. Yet, think about the incredible amount of growth that takes place in the spring. When seeds are planted, this is the time where they push back on the dirt covering them to push through. Some flowers and plants begin to show signs of new life. Some of us have to start cutting back bushes and trees (guilty as charged). Spring is a perfect time for you to grow as well.


When we think about the “historical” origins of Ostara or Easter (and I say “historical” because we know how things can change over time), both have a sense of renewal. In pagan stories, we have the Goddess who is beginning to awaken from her slumber. She is in her youth. Bunnies and eggs galore (both symbols of…fertility and birth). Every where we pagans look, we see signs of renewal on Earth. On Good Friday, there’s a phrase that says, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.” The phrase makes reference to Jesus being in the grave-cave and then making another appearance…which encourages (renews) His followers to go out and spread the message of “He is risen.” They were renewed in spirit. This is a powerful time of year to renew your dedication to whatever it is that makes you who you want to be.

For the TL;DR crowd, first of all – shame on you for not being able to read through approximately 500 words. Next, remember that this time of year shouldn’t be measured by differences. This shouldn’t be a “line in the sand” discussion. It shouldn’t be a time where people ostracize with others and argue with them. That doesn’t do you any good…and you hurt others. Wanting an honest discussion on history is much different than most of what we see. Instead, this is a time to focus on your own rebirth, growth, and renewal. If you’re pagan, agnostic, or atheist, treat it as another day that you can spend with family and maybe watching some kids enjoy themselves…and maybe, if you’re lucky, eating a fantastic meal. If your Christian, realize that you are certainly welcome to your beliefs, but the true message is how can you renew yourself?

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