The Great Beyond

When you were a child, what were your dreams? What about when you were a teenager? What about now? I can safely say that no one really grows up with a wish of being unhappy. No one dreams of being a victim of sexual abuse or domestic violence. We dream about things that make us happy. We dream of fixing the world. We think about things that we want to do in the future. Most of us think about things we can do in the future. Sometimes, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how we’ll get there. We just picture the great beyond; rarely do we truly think about the trip.

Plan Your Trip

Yesterday, I mentioned how so many people are unhappy with Mondays and it’s really because they’re unhappy with their life. So, my question was what are you doing with your life? Today, it’s the same question…but it’s also a reminder that if you want happiness, if you want the things in the great beyond…you have to plan your trip. All of the things that you want are outside of your current comfort zone. And that makes life scary.

If there’s something about your life that makes you unhappy, plan your trip. Plan to get to the point where you’re happy. You’re the navigator of your life. You get the privilege and obligation of making decisions. So, plan your trip.

My husband and I drove 18 hours to Las Vegas in August. We loved the trip. We loved seeing the desert. We loved seeing the mountains. We loved seeing the Hoover Dam. And we thought we’d enjoy Vegas. We didn’t enjoy Vegas as a whole, but we enjoyed some of it. Our favorite part? The trip and seeing some other sights. It was a learning experience.

You may not be as happy as you thought you’d be when you get to the end of your destination. So, you plan another trip. You learn from the trip. You continue to move toward the next great beyond.

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