What do you think about when you consider the population of the world? What about in your country? Your state? Your city? Your community? Your family? There’s a pretty good chance that you thought of others in every scenario and rarely thought about yourself despite being a part of all of those segments.

It All Starts with You

Having a better family starts with you. Having a better community starts with you. Improving the world starts with you. We can’t change others. The only person we have control over is ourselves. Can one person really have such an impact? Yes.

It’s pretty unlikely that any one person will find a way to achieve world peace. In all honesty, war is about profit. Government is all about profit. And profit isn’t always a bad thing. We all need money to survive. Yet we also know that money doesn’t buy lasting happiness.

Happiness, or even contentment, starts on the inside. It starts with you. As you learn to love yourself, you show more compassion toward your family. You want to help others. You have more peace. This inspires others to do the same. Inspiration and encouragement is all you can do.

Your new attitude toward yourself and toward life begins to affect others. They begin their own journey of love and compassion. This, in turn, inspires even more people. You may never know exactly how much of a change you inspire in others, but rest assured that it does make a difference.

Loving Yourself Is Possible

I know it may not feel possible right now, but it is. If it was possible for me, anyone can do it. We live in a society that sends everyone, particularly women, mixed messages. We are bombarded with images of the ideal woman. We are targeted for creams, dreams, and not-so-magic potions to make us more attractive to others. It makes us question what is wrong with us. Nothing is wrong with you. You do not have to look a certain way or meet a certain weight in order to be worthy of love.

It does take hard work and bravery, though. By hard work, I don’t mean a week. It could take you years. And that’s okay. If you’ve been exposed to trauma at any point during your life, it may be hard for you to see or understand what I am about to say to you. That trauma should not and does not define you. I know. I was victimized both as a child and in a former marriage. You are more than a survivor. You are whatever it is that you dreamed you would be. It is never too late to take that first step.

Here to Help

American Goddess Society is a pagan-based website, but we’re here for everyone. We aren’t here to argue doctrine (despite the fact that many religions play a large part in how people develop low self-worth). We are here to spread a message of hope and to do good work. Make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss the encouragement and inspiration that you need to keep going.